PowerStation PSX-2 Jump Starter Review

PowerStation PSX-2 Rugged Hi-Power 1000 Peak Amp Jumpstarter Review

PowerStation PSX-2 Rugged Hi-Power 1000 Peak Amp Jumpstarter

PowerStation PSX-2 Review: The PowerStation PSX-2 1000 Peak Amp Jump starter is a multi functional device that will solve the problems of your car in no time, whether it is battery related, tire related or you just need some extra power or light.

PowerStation PSX-2 Review


  • 1000 Peak Amps
  • Air Compressor
  • 12V DC outlet

The main reasons why people choose to buy the PowerStation PSX-2 Jump starter is because it has multiple functions that are meant to help you when you have problems with your car or when you want a power source for different appliances.

Whether you want to jump start your car, a recreational vehicle or a boat, you can put your trust in this jump starter. The device is capable of delivering 400 amps, having 1000 amps peak. To make things better, the item cannot only give power to your car’s battery, but it is also capable of charging your cell phone thanks to the 12 V DC output with which the jump starter is designed.

The jump starter is easy to charge for it needs only to be plugged directly to your AC household power. You can check the battery status with the help of the battery volt meter. To make things better, the device is designed with high-impact plastic with carbon fiber face to increase its durability.

Last, but not least, the jump starter features a built-in 160 psi air compressor that is capable of inflating your car’s tires faster than other similar products. Moreover, it features super bright LED lights in case you need to work during nighttime.


  • It has 1000 amps peak
  • It has a 12 V DC output
  • It features a battery volt meter
  • It is designed with high-impact plastic with carbon fiber face
  • It features a built-in 160 psi air compressor
  • It has bright LED lights

Customer Reviews

“I’ve owned 4 of these, the PSX-2 is slightly smaller, but no less effective. There is no comparison to the cigarette-lighter compressors plus if you need a jump, you don’t have to hook up to another car.”

Dana Wheaton, Amazon Customer Review

“We were referred to this product by AAA who used it to jump our car. We got it – and just in time – we had a dead battery. It started in seconds! Yeah!”

Sari Gimbel, Amazon Customer Review

“I purchased this Power Station for my husband to help with starting our motor home and if the boat battery dies.. We were totally impressed with it. Our motor homes batteries were completely dead but we started it with little effort. My husband does wish the cables were a little longer but can deal with it. I think most anyone that purchases this item would be very pleased…… I know we are.”

JudyDawn, Amazon Customer Review

The majority of the users who have had a chance to review the PowerStation PSX-2 give it positive reviews. Customers are very happy with how it works. Many comment on its power capability given its portable size. Read more Amazon customer reviews.
  • The item comes with great features like its durable design and the 160 psi built-in air compressor.
  • Works perfectly for a camping trip
  • Comes with a 12 volt outlet to power all sorts of devices
  • A well-constructed product that will last you years if looked after
  • Is easy to carry

  • Some users have complained that the accuracy of the pressure dial could not be trusted


All in all, the PowerStation PSX-2 is a great unit to have around in times of need. I highly recommend it to people who are looking for a powerful jump starter and a hi-volume air compressor all in one.


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