Energizer 84020 12V Jump Start System Review

Energizer 84020 12V All-In-One Jump-Start System Review

Energizer 84020 12V Review

Energizer 84020 Review: The Energizer 84020 12V All-In-One Jump-Start System with Built-In Air Compressor and Power Inverter combines safety with the ease of use in order to provide a user-friendly device that is capable of jump starting vehicles in no time.

The Energizer 84020 12V All-In-One Jump-Start System is a practical buy considering its great features, its ease of use and ease of maneuverability.

Energizer 84020 12VThe product has a 12V, 18Ah sealed lead acid battery which allows it to be stored in any position. Furthermore, the device is capable of delivering 350 CA, making it powerful enough to jump start any vehicle and also to provide power to almost any appliance or gadget.

Aside from being able to jump start vehicles, this device is also equipped with two 12V cigarette sockets that can provide power for 12V accessories. Moreover, these are protected with a 30A manual reset circuit breaker that will prevent your accessories to be exposed to more power than they can handle.

The battery status indicator will show whether the internal battery of the device needs to be charged or not. For charging, the item is designed with a 12V, 1 amp internal battery charger that has 2 stages. This charger allows the battery to be charged and prevents it from overcharging so that it can be left in the outlet for indefinite periods of time.

The built-in air compressor is capable of inflating a tire in just 10 minutes. It is easy to use and has an on/off switch and a built-in pressure gauge. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about overheating, for the compressor is thermally protected and it also has a strong output hose, covered with fabric, with a screw-on valve stem coupler.

  Key Features

  • It has a 12V, 18Ah sealed lead acid battery that delivers 350 CA
  • It comes with four AWG 24 inches long output cables
  • It has 200 watt, AC/DC power inverter that is internally mounted with an on/off switch
  • It is designed with two 12V cigarette sockets for 12V accessories that are protected with a 30A manual reset circuit breaker
  • It has a 12V, 1 amp internal battery charger and a battery charger indicator
  • It comes with audio alarms for “shorted clams” and “reverse polarity”
  • It has a built-in air compressor that is thermally protected for overheating

Customer Reviews


“Had to get back on here and write a review- I bought two of these, one for me and one for my wife. We both used them more than 6 months after purchase to jump our cars and they worked like a charm. Mine saved me one morning when my battery died before work and my wife used it at the airport one night. These are very important emergency road tools to have and this particular brand gets an A+ in my book.”

  SPersaud, Amazon Customer Review

“Purchased in August 2010. After fully charging it, I placed it in my girlfriend’s trunk (2008 mustang) and forgot about it. Well one year later, last night, she was able to jump start her dead battery without any issue! My only complaint was having to hear her BRAG about how she did it all by herself without calling me :)”

   Michael, Amazon Customer Review

Overall, the reviews for the Energizer 84020 are positive. People are pleased with its features, like being able to leave it plugged in without suffering damages. They even comment on the handy air compressor.

Many were glad that the unit came with easy to understand instructions both English and Spanish. It has been used by customers to charge a variety of items including vehicle tires, phones, air mattresses and the list could go on. Read more Amazon customer reviews

  • The item has great features like the internal battery charger and the 12V sockets that allow users to provide power to almost all accessories and gadgets.
  • has a built in sensor to avoid overcharging
  • a great 12V, 18Ah sealed lead acid battery that delivers 350 CA
  • built-in air compressor
  • Some users complained that it does not come with a power cord that connect this device to power outlet, so you need female to male power cord to charge this device using your wall outlet costing between $5 to $10 at a hardware store.


In summary, the Energizer 84020 has great features and also a great price which makes it perfect for those who are looking for more than just a jump starter and that is why I recommend it.


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