Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack Review

Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack Jump Starter Review

The Duracell DRPP600 has been designed and engineered to jump start a car battery with its 1300 Peak Amps.

Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack 600 Jump Starter ReviewDuracell DRPP600 Review: The Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack Jump Starter not only has the ability to jump start a vehicle when needed, but also to become an emergency power source for cell phones, digital cameras and more.

Ease of Use

Various power connections including 2 USB ports.


1300 Peak Amps


$170 to $175 in April 2017.


Comes with a reverse polarity indicator, ensuring you connect the cable correctly.

The Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack 600 Jump Starter is as easy as pie when it comes to using it. It is designed in such a way that any person, with basic or advanced technical knowledge, can easily jump start his vehicle using this Duracell jump starter.

Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack 600 Jump StarterThe battery of this product has 28 ampere-hour AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and it is sealed, so that it can prevent spilling. Therefore, whether it is used to jump start a vehicle or to provide power to different tools or accessories, the product’s battery is designed to be durable and to provide power for a long time.

One of the best things about this jump starter is the fact that it is designed with three grounded AC outlets and one DC socket. In this way, this item provides flexibility and even the possibility to charge multiple tools or accessories at the same time. Thus, you can have power quickly for everything you need, for these outlets and socket are tied up to a power inverter that is capable of providing 600 watts of power.

Safety is another aspect where the Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack excels at. The jump starter can be easily and safely charged from any household AC outlet and even from a DC cigarette lighter outlet.

The jump starter is designed with a 3-digit barograph LED indicator that monitors the battery of the product while it charges. Overloading and over-temperature conditions are no problem for this item, for it has an internal protection circuitry. In case of overheating or under-voltage situations, the jump starter has an alarm that is meant for alerting you if there are any safety concerns.


  • It has three AC outlets and one DC socket
  • It provides 600 watts of power
  • It has 2 built-in USB outlets of 2100 micro-ampere for charging cell phones, digital cameras, iPads and iPhones
  • It comes with jumper cables
  • It is designed with a 3-digit barograph LED indicator for monitoring the charging of the battery

Customer Reviews


Great product!!!

Ricardo R. Vega, Amazon Customer Review

“I use a C-pap at night to sleep so I needed a solution for a camping trip with my son’s cub scout group. This powerpack was perfect for our two night stay and I was even able to recharge our phones and even help give a jump start to their someone’s car who’s battery had died.

Please note that even though it would of lasted the 2 nights I did recharge it after the first night at a near by facility just so I would not worry about it. Great product!!!”

I used this while on vacation…It lasted all week

AverageJoe, Amazon Customer Review

“I used this while on vacation to power a 20 watt CD player and charge various cell phones, cameras, etc while on the beach. It lasted all week, playing music for 4+ hours a day without being charged. I haven’t used any of the other functions other than the DC, AC and USB ports. Hoping I don’t need to use the jumper cables.”

The Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack 600 Jump Starter has earned his positive reviews thanks to its great features. Some are happy with the fact that they can not only jump start their vehicle, but also charge other tools and accessories such as water pumps on a farm.

Many use it to charge small electronics during power outages and camping trips. Many users are convinced that it is the the perfect power outage solution.

The Duracell DRPP600 has over 560 customer reviews on Amazon and has been given a respectable customer score of 3.7 stars out of 5.0. Read more Amazon customer reviews.

  • The starter has great features that allow customers to use it as a jump starter and also to recharge other tools and accessories when there is no outlet near to do it including ipods, cameras.
  • It is expandable by connecting another 12 volt battery.
  • Plenty of different ports to charge from including car battery charger.
  • provides 600 watts of power.
  • 12v 26 AH Maintenance free Lead acid battery.
  • Can use a solar panel to charge the battery, great for camping.


  • Some users found that it didn’t work too well as just a power source.


In a nutshell, you can use the Duracel DRPP600 as a jump starter and power source. The 1300 peak amps will ensure the starter will jump cars and small trucks. As a power source the DRPP600 comes with various power outlets including both USB and 12V DC connections.

In case of a power outage the unit is extremely handy. You can quickly plug in an lamp, preferably an LED lamp to reduce drain on the power source to ensure your home is kept well lit.

So you can use this model for not just jump starting your vehicle, but also for an emergency power source for other tools and accessories.

The Duracell DRPP600 is a mid range priced model that can be found price at between $170- $175 at the time of writing this review.


  • 1300 Peak Amps
  • 2 AC outlets with up to 600W of available AC power
  • 2 – 2.4A USB ports,
  • 12V outlet
  • 160 PSI air compressor
  • Reverse polarity indicator

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