Bolt Power X-5 Mini 8000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

Bolt Power X-5 Mini 8000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Review

Bolt Power X-5 Mini 8000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

Key Features

  • It can jump start your car 3,000 times
  • 400 Amp Peak Charge
  • Auto 12V emergency starter
  • Built-in 8,000 mAh Capacity with Grade A Lithium Polymer cells.
  • Combines 4 mobile adapters in one USB 5V/2.1A port
  • Emergency Ultra Bright White LED light.
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The Bolt Power X-5 Mini is a true lifesaver. It has all of the features that I could possibly need and then some. The starter is intended to provide charging power to the BATTERY in your car or device.

Bolt Power X-5 Mini 8000mAh Portable Car Jump StarterWhen using the Bolt Power X-5 Mini Jump Starter in a car with a completely flat battery, you often need to leave the charger connected to the battery for at least 10 seconds to build up enough of a charge in your car’s battery. Wait 10 seconds between start attempts as well. 

The starter pack comes with a AC to DC wall adapter charger, and a portable DC charger that plugs in a lighter outlet in a vehicle to keep the battery pack charged and working at all times. On a full charge, the  jump starter can remain on standby for up to 3 months without a need to recharge. It also comes with jumper cables and a multi-cable to charge most cell phones.

On a full charge the X-5 Mini starter will have enough power to jump start about 15-20 vehicles. On long road trips the unit can be used to charge your phone, tablet, and laptop all at once which I think is awesome.

Customer Reviews

The Bolt Power X-5 Mini has been reviewed by 80 customers on Amazon and has been given an impressive customer score of 3.9 stars out of 5.0.

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  • The unit is lightweight and portable
  • Dual USB output
  • Built in Flashlight with SOS, stroke
  • The unit produces 400 peak amps. Some users may consider this a small number but it is enough for most vehicles.


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