Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Jump Starter Review

The Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Jump Starter starts a car battery in minutes

Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Car Battery Jump Starter

Key Features

  • Peak current of 600 Amps.
  • Starting current of 300 Amps
  • Battery Capacity of 16500mAh/61.05WH.
  • The LED emergency light has 3 modes (high, strobe and SOS).
  • Compact and Slim.
  • Built-in 16,500mAh power bank with 12V/16V/19V DC output.
  • Features a key switch to choose different voltages, LED indicator showing the status.
  • 7-in-1 laptop adapters fitting for various brands of laptops.
  • Built-in protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection.
  • Jump Start Compact Size Vehicle 10 to 15 times with One Charge.
  • Dimension: 186 * 85 * 44mm
  • Weighs in at 400g

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Do you hate asking other people if they could lend you a jump starter, then the Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Jump Starter might be your answer. It so compact that it can easily fit in your glove compartment.

Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Car Battery Jump StarterThe emergency lights are great, especially the option to light both the led light in the front and the red flashing light on top at the same time.

The power pack is supplied in a hard case that is easily rugged enough to toss in the under-cargo area of an SUV and withstand the rigors. The unit is well made, durable, and has a well-thought out design. The ingenious combination of so many things into one unit is mind blowing.

User Reviews

“I purchased this Bolt Power Jump Starter because I have an older car and it occasionally needs to be jumped. I hated asking other people if they could help me jump my battery, so I purchased this. I have already had to use it a couple of times and am very happy with how powerful and convenient it is!

The compact size can easily be stored in any car. It also has a bright flashlight and includes USB connections so that you can charge your phone or computer if needed. This is a great product and very reliable. I feel much better and safer carrying it with me! I will definitely be purchasing these as Christmas gifts! Thanks for a great product! “

Jenn, Amazon Customer Review

Living in New York during the winters is tough. I am always worried that I might need a jump when I’m stranded in the middle of a storm, with this convenient pack I am no longer afraid. It is very portable and not too heavy. I just charge it up before a road trip, pop it in the car and I am good to go. I feel much more secure now that I bought this.

Maik, Amazon Customer Review

I have a 16 year old Saturn that doesn’t like winter. I’ve already used 2 of my roadside assistance calls because the battery wouldn’t charge. I decided to pick this up to keep in the car. It is very easy to use and it works quickly. Having this in my car simply eases my mind every time I go to start her up.

Astrid, Amazon Customer Review

TheĀ Bolt Power G06 600 AMP Peak Jump Starter has been reviewed by 176 customers on Amazon and has been given an impressive customer score of 4.8 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon.

Even if you have roadside service or jumper cables I still would recommend having the Bolt Power G06 as a back up, you never know what situation you may end up in.

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